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elektra rex

Oh, all right, I say, I’ll save myself.

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laura + 
I am an obsessive writer and reader. I constantly crave new books, whether that means reading a great new novel or trying to write one of my own. I work full time as a teacher of small children, am working toward my master's degree, and write in my free time. I love challenges and am always up to learning something new and meeting interesting people.
writing + 
My fanfiction can be found HERE at AO3. I no longer write fanfiction regularly. My original fiction is private for many reasons, but I am always open to discussing it in detail and sharing bits. I hope to be published soon.
favorites + 
books: Neverwhere, Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell, Harry Potter, Abarat, House of Leaves
movies: Moulin Rouge, There Will Be Blood, Nightmare Before Christmas, Thor
t.v.: Fargo, House of Cards, Sherlock, Game of Thrones, Top Chef
music: Queen, Arctic Monkeys, Florence + the Machine, Muse, Alt-J
coffee, books, Netflix, talking, scones, writing, Japanese, gift-giving, rainy mornings, soundtracks, midnight, house plants, internet, photography, blogging, cats, horoscopes, daydreaming
contact + 
This journal is friends only, but I am always excited to make new friends. PLEASE SEND ME A PM OR LEAVE A COMMENT IF YOU'D LIKE TO TALK MORE. Otherwise:

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